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Wish List

This is something that I would love to get!

New toys !


I love this bench! 

This is something that I have been looking at to add to my play room for many years


The Latex Vac-Bed!

I love this one the most! Fun for overnight! 

Personal items!


I love my shoes! is where you will find these shoes! I wear size 6. is another good site for sexy shoes and boot!  But............

If your looking to impress me!

image82 is the best site for fetish shoes in the world right now! 

This is the pair that I have wanted for many years.

One last thing!


This is from 


It's F****** beautiful! 

Christmas gift!

This is the hat I would love to get this year for XXX Miss!

This is the Hat I would love to get this XXX Miss!:)

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